SAFE Call Taking

SAFE is a flexible, scalable and robust Security Management system designed to provide enhanced situation awareness capabilities for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Response.

The emergency call taking solution gives operators the redundancy and flexibility to provide immediate assistance in every situation. We implement everything from complex call routing functionality needed for 911 emergency situations to call center functions such as conferencing, skill based routing, assistance and monitoring.

Saab Security

Saab has been developing technology aimed at creating a safer and more confident society. Today, this experience is utilized into a wide range of affordable, net centric security solutions that can radically improve your capabilities within areas such as Critical Infrastructure Protection, Emergency Response, and Guard and Event.

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State of the art Microsoft technologies such as .NET 4.5, WPF, WCF, WIF, SQL Server.
Android targeting 2.3 and up.
ASP.NET WebApi for RESTful service implementation.
ONVIF, Bosch BVMS, Milestone and DirectShow for video integration.
Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API 3.0 and Lync client and server.