Cookie vs Token Based Authentication with Angular2 using ASP.NET 5

I recently produces a series of tutorials on how to piggy back on aspnet5’s cookie based authentication in an angular2 application. If you’d like to learn more about how aspnet5 and angular2 can be used together, make sure to check out the full series here.

Part 1: Up and running with ASP.NET 5 Identity

Part 2: Cookie Based Auth with ASP.NET 5 and Angular 2

Part 3: Discussion

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Get Started with VS2015, AspNet 5 RC1, Angular 2 alpha 47

In this screencast we setup a dev environment for VS2015 Update 1, TypeScript 1.7.4 and Angular 2 alpha 47 starting from an empty aspnet5 project template. The plan is to evolve this example to include cookie based authentication with aspnet identity and fetch data securely from a webapi controller. Code available at github.

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